When it comes to keeping your drains unblocked and the pipes clean, there are several methods to choose. Plumbers often pick one of two solutions for drain cleaning, plumbing cable machines or water jetting. While plumbing cable machines, or plumbing augers, are the more original approach, water jetting offers a new innovative solution for most drain problems.

So which is best? That all depends on the problem! When plunging just doesn’t have any effect, you need to try a method with a little more power to clear the drain blockage. That is when water jetting and drain cables come into use. Each method is useful for different types of blockages, so you want a qualified experienced plumber handling your drain blockage!

When Cable Drain Cleaning Is Useful

Snaking a blocked drain is done with an auger, which looks like a long steel spring rod with a cutting tip at the end of it. A plumber will insert the cable into the drain line, using the cutting tip at the end to cut through any blockages. This will clear up the buildup in your pipes and remove any blockages .
What are the main benefits of this option?
  • Proven over time – History shows it works and does the required job on most blockages ,has been around for decades.
  • Suited for fragile pipes – It bores through the centre of the pipe , meaning if you have fragile pipes, this is a great option.
  • Tackles small blockages easily – When there is just a small blockage, snaking can easily get the job done.

The bottom line is that electric drain cleaning with an auger is a proven method over time wich can remove basic blockages, but, there are downsides to this method as well. In some cases, snaking is just a quick fix to pipe blockages, which means future blockages. If you really want to remove the risk of blockages, you may want to go with a Water Jetter.

When Water Jetting Is Best Alternative

Tough blockages are quickly removed when high-pressure water jetting is used. A hose with a jetter nozzle will send a powerful stream of high pressure water through your drains, cleaning out your blockage and anything else in its way. A plumber will usually create an access point, or inspection opening, to allow the blockage to be cleared out from the drain.

the main benefits of hydro jetting include:
  • Eliminates blockages quickly– With high-pressure water shooting through your drains, the blockage is removed fast.
  • Removes bad blockages – The power of the pressurized water can even clear out tree roots and other hard to remove blockages when necessary.
  • Easy to Use on all types of drains – No matter the type of drains you have, water jetting gets the job done and gets it done quickly.
  • Cleans the pipe walls – Water jetting removes from pipe walls grease and buildup. It can eliminate minerals, grease, and more!
While water jetting is the best option in most cases, it is a powerful force. If you have old fragile drains, the pressure could damage. It is best to have a professional plumber for the job. They can investigate the condition of your drains and lower the pressure to stop damage or other problems. If your drains are too fragile, you can use cable snaking method for better results.
Think you may have a blocked drain or slow running pipes that needs taking treatment?

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