If your a drain cleaning plumber you have probably seen it all when it comes to Blocked drains, from kids toys to car keys to balls and food. Having experienced it all, many times, we’ve come up with our list of worst drain blocking culprits that we seem to find time and time again.:

1. Grease from cooking that is poured down the sink drain and sets into one hard solid lump.

2. Baby nappy wipes and other baby non biodegradable products.

3. Plastic and cardboard product wrapping

4. Cotton buds , cotton balls, toothbrushes and other bathroom products.

5. Hair. Long female hair.

6. Food scraps from the cook in the kitchen, especially pasta rice and noodles that have absorbed water and expanded after they enter the sink drain.

7. Vegetable peels that are pushed down into the kitchen drain.

8. cheap thick toilet paper. Any non toilet paper, because it can block your drain.

9. Bath products such as salts and bombs . If you’ve experienced slow draining in your bath tub, then these may be the reason as they don’t dissolve as completely as you may think.

10. Soap Scum. Soap itself doesn’t block a drain it can allow the other substances such as hair to form into a solid clump which causes blockages.

11. Bath toys are common, flushed into the drain when the bath is emptied.

Stopping costly drain blockages is extremely simple, be careful what you put down your drains, It only takes the smallest of particles and other foreign matter to gather and create a blockage, especially cooking fat. Instead of putting products like fat and grease down the drain, put them in a rubbish bag and toss them in the trash. For hair, install a drain filter for your long, drain blocking hair.

Always consider having a cleaning routine, by flushing out the pipes with an over the counter drain cleaning chemical cleaner or contact your local drain cleaning plumber.

If your blocked drain has gone past the do it yourself fix- it, give us a call at King Plumbing.

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