Plumbing Emergency

A plumbing emergency can happen in any household. The best rule is to act quickly; as soon as there seems to be an issue, get an emergency plumber to have a look at it. An experienced emergency plumber can diagnose and fix leaking pipes, blocked sinks, and overflowing toilets.

What you should not do is hesitate. Damaged drains can quickly progress to more significant issues, worsening the problem. Water damage can massively increase the harm to your home and be costly. Here is what to do in a plumbing emergency:

Don’t forget to turn off the water stop tap. By doing so, you prevent more water from escaping and flooding. You could shut off the water that goes to a leaky toilet or drains. If the source is unknown, leaving the main water supply active can cause significant overflowing and structural damage.
Assess the problem first before calling a plumber to come over. Sure, you want to be prompt, but look around for abnormalities and asses the type of damage you can see. The more information you can provide the plumber over the phone, the faster the plumber can identify and fix the issue.
Don’t use tools you are not experienced with. That goes for drain cleaning machines and associated blocked drain clearing tools. Attempting to use machinery without knowledge of how they work can lead to significant drain damage and injuries. King Plumbing your local plumbing service has years of experience in the trade.
The best way to avoid plumbing emergencies is to call King Plumbing