How a professional Tasmanian Plumbing company cleans a drain

1.visual inspection of the drain
A professional plumber should be able to get a rough idea on what is causing the blockage by what Plumbing fixtures are blocked and the area in which the drain is located. This should determine what tool to use, either a small auger or a powerful hydro jetter. Once this inspection is complete, an estimate on costs can be achieved.

2. Clearing the drain
If it is determined that the blockage is outside of the building in the main sewer line, an electric drain snake tool or a high-pressure water jetter is usually the right tool to clean the drain.

3. Sewer Drain Inspection:
If all the drains in your home are Blocked, this could be a sign of a major problem, a sewer line blockage. Over time, certain materials such as tree roots can grow in the line, constricting it to the point where water will not travel through the pipe. That’s when the blockage becomes visible to the homeowner . The water has to go somewhere, and it travels back up through the pipes and out of your home’s gully trap and low level fixtures . If not attended to s sewer backup can flood and destroy your home.

Not every blocked drain is a sign of a sewer backup. A bathroom blockage could simply be hair in the basin trap and a simple extraction with a pair of tong's can fix the problem. If you are uncertain of how your drains should be behaving call King Plumbing immediately for our emergency plumbing service. We’ll quickly inspect the issue and determine what needs to be done to clear the line.

King Plumbing in Hobart are an experienced quality drain cleaning company, we are Tasmanian government accredited Licensed plumbers. Give us a call and we’ll come out and unblock your shower, sink, or toilet. We are friendly and will clean any mess created, leaving your house exactly how it was. We can be contacted in Hobart at 0413586724. We look forward to helping you by clearing your drains and to get your home back inf order.

King Plumbing specializes in unblocking a wide variety of different types of drains. Here are the most common drain types we work with:

  • Bathroom Drains: This includes toilets, basins, bathtubs, showers.
  • Kitchen Drains: This includes sinks and dishwashers.
  • Laundry Drains: This includes tubs and washing machines.

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