Small Hand held Operated Drain cable snakes (augers)
Hand operated drain cable augers are useful for cleaning blockages in small drains such as sinks, showers, baths, basins and tubs. They have limited length and have a small power strength for the user. Drain snakes are useful for retrieving blockages that cannot be broken up or dissolved, such as clothe and hair. They use a spring-like cable with various cleaning attachments connected to the end.

Electric drain cleaning augers.
Motor driven drain cleaning machines come in all sorts of sizes and types ranging from those driven with a small electric motor to fully automated dolly-mounted unit. With a Plumber's motor driven drain cable machines, the cable is fed manually and the spinning of the cable is provided by a motor and drive belt on a pulley. These units can deliver a large amount of power and are capable of removing stubborn blockages such as tree roots. Other motor driven drain snakes have a jaw that feeds the cable into the drain as well as push the cable through. These are the types of machines used by professional plumbers and drain cleaning plumbers. They should be used by professional Plumber's and can be dangerous in the hands of a amateur..