when you realise you have a blocked drain,you wish there was a plumber in the family you could call to ask for some free advice. Then you could fix your plumbing problems without paying what you think may be a big cost (or at least not as much as a plumbing company). Although you might not know a plumber, you do have king plumbing , which has 30 years of experience in blocked drains in hobart who can help for much less than you think !
Here is an answer to a question about chemical drain cleaners.

we do not not recommend using any type of chemical drain cleaner on your drains . If you have a blockage try and remove it first by plunging, jetting or snaking the drain.
"Chemical drain cleaners will only damage your drains.
According to King Plumbing , most chemical drain cleaners are more trouble than they're worth. Some react with galvanised rusted drains and can cause major leaks and you may have acid all over your nice clean kitchen and bathroom floors.
A professional plumber will have all the tools to do the job right.

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